MacDonald Marine is rich in marine history.

Captain John Minster MacDonald aboard the schooner "AZOV". Shown here with Granddaughter Evelyn MacDonald.

Evelyn would be Bert MacDonald's daughter and Donald Bert MacAdam's Mother.

The Schooner "Azov" was owned and skippered by 
Captain John Minister MacDonald. 

Bert MacDonald Founder of MacDonald Marine.
Shown here on one of the tugs he built. (The "ANNAMAC")
Bert served as Harbour Master and builder of boats at Goderich Harbour. Children remember being under Bert's watchful eye and would need to pass a swimming test (tied to a rope) before they were allowed to  swim solo.

This picture was a part of an article that appeared in Weekend Magazine of The London Free Press.

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Evelyn MacAdam (ne: MacDonald) and Husband Adam MacAdam.


Adam (Addie) MacAdam on watch on one of
Algoma's Steamers.

Donald Bert MacAdam (Piper)
Bert MacDonald (Holding Baby.)
Baby : Ian MacAdam
Now Capt Ian MacAdam owner and Operator of
MacDonald Marine Tug Service Ltd.

Donald Bert shown here with Wife Janice
sold MacDonald Marine to son Ian in and 
around 1997.


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